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Practical and Emotional Support for Any Medical Challenge

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  • Identify and validate your personal medical-related struggles.
  • Learn skills to effectively manage all aspects of your medical challenge.
  • Feel empowered as you improve your health and wellbeing.

A medical challenge can be anything from technical and annoying to painful, paralyzing, and more. No matter what it is for you, we're glad you're here. 

Whatever the nature of your medical issue – whether acute or chronic, major or minor, recurring or one-off – the medical community is here to help you gain skills and tools to navigate it with your sanity intact. 

We’ll help you get real about your health by working through the pragmatic obstacles that hold you back from looking after your condition in an optimal way. We also won’t ignore the emotional obstacles, like feelings of confusion, anger, and helplessness that often accompany a medical challenge.

But, since there's more to you than your medical status, we’ve also created great courses to help you feel better as a person, which is what you deserve. Because we know that when people ask how you're feeling, you want to report more than your most recent blood count. You want – and are entitled – to feel that you're growing as a person and in control of how you feel regarding your condition.

So, here we go!

Community plan

(6 Courses)

Buddy&Soul's communities each offer a community plan — a cluster of courses to work through alongside other members or separately at your own pace. When you practice with the community, each course takes one month to complete giving you plenty of time to dig deep, integrate your skills, and own it!'

Stand-alone courses

(4 Courses)

Enrich your experience by taking courses beyond the community plan. Think of it like extra credit that helps you be a better you. It's an easy A!

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