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Because There’s More to You than Blood Sugar

Welcome to our community!

  • Grow as a person while managing your diabetes.
  • Acquire skills to help you confront the practical and emotional challenges of living with diabetes.
  • Feel better emotionally and physically.

Whether you call yourself a diabetes patient, a diabetic, a person with diabetes or your own nickname, you are, first and foremost, a person. A human being who wants to live, love, laugh, and grow; incidentally, you also have diabetes. While your diabetes has an impact on how you live, it does not define who you are.

Buddy&Soul is here to help you find or fine-tune the balance between managing your diabetes and living your life.

Offering you proven, science-based skills in a supportive, online environment, the diabetes community will help you navigate both the pragmatic and emotional aspects of your condition. But we won’t stop there. We’ve also created courses to help you feel great as a person since beyond managing your diabetes, you want – and deserve – to feel that you're in control of your overall health, happiness, and wellbeing.

Join us as we learn, explore, grow, and thrive – because we know there’s more to you than your blood sugar!

Community plan

(5 Courses)

Buddy&Soul's communities each offer a community plan — a cluster of courses to work through alongside other members or separately at your own pace. When you practice with the community, each course takes one month to complete giving you plenty of time to dig deep, integrate your skills, and own it!'

Stand-alone courses

(3 Courses)

Enrich your experience by taking courses beyond the community plan. Think of it like extra credit that helps you be a better you. It's an easy A!

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