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Student Life

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  • Understand who you are and what you need during these formative student years.
  • Navigate your potentially chaotic student life with greater ease and less stress.
  • Set yourself up for success with habits and skills that will last a lifetime.

Anyone who’s done their college time knows it’s a real trip, to say the least.

Amid the excitement, the parties, the friends, the social media, the relationship dramas, and the self-discoveries, you’re somehow expected to get in all your coursework… and maybe even to do it well!

Throw into the mix that you might be thinking about grants, scholarships, and student loans, and maybe juggling a part-time job or two to make it all work. Oh, and don’t forget volunteer and internship opportunities to build your resume. 

All in all, it’s easy to see how your student years can make you feel overwhelmed and under-equipped to deal with everything that's going on. And guess what: You are not alone! 

Never fear. Buddy&Soul is here to help.

In this community, we’ll walk you through the basics of surviving the student years. And more than that, we’ll help you thrive through them.

Our powerful lineup of courses will help you create both a mindset and a lifestyle that work for your hectic schedule.

We’ll tackle issues like how to sleep better, how to manage your time more efficiently, how to minimize the inevitable stress of student life, how to stay true to who you are, and way more – all in order to set you up for a calmer, happier, and more successful future, starting right now.

Community plan

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Buddy&Soul's communities each offer a community plan — a cluster of courses to work through alongside other members or separately at your own pace. When you practice with the community, each course takes one month to complete giving you plenty of time to dig deep, integrate your skills, and own it!'

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