At Buddy&Soul, we believe that any time is a great time to work on yourself. That said, we also know that there are easier times and harder times to focus on personal development. Here are a few life circumstances that may affect your ability to get the most out of your Buddy&Soul experience, for better and for worse. 

  1. Vacation. It’s hard to create a schedule when you find yourself in an environment that doesn’t promote a schedule! So, stretch out on the beach and enjoy your piña colada. Come back when you’re in a routine that will allow you to practice the course. 

  1. Emotional availability. If you’re dealing with something all-consuming like a loss, an acute medical challenge, or a major life transition, you might find that you just can’t focus on personal development. And that’s understandable. While we do have courses to help you through all of these tough stages, we also encourage you to wait if you don’t feel the time is right.

  1. Time constraints. If you work a 60-hour work week while being a single parent and the sole caretaker of your aging parents, you most likely do not have time in your schedule for an intensive year-long plan. You’re much better off exploring shorter community plans, crash courses, and our practice on your own options. 

  1. Adversity. While facing adversity is no walk in the park, it also offers you a unique opportunity to question who you are and what’s most important to you. Whatever life challenges you’re facing, bring them to your Buddy&Soul experience and come out better, stronger, and more at peace with your choices.

  1. Success. Just like adversity offers a unique opportunity for personal growth, so does success. If you’ve recently realized a long-pursued goal, or you’ve had a stroke of good fortune, ride your momentum and create more positive change in your life. Buddy&Soul will help you get there.