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Overcoming my medical challenge with a hefty dose of self-awareness

Overcoming my medical challenge with a hefty dose of self-awareness
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1 month ago
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After struggling with depression and disordered eating for most of my life, and then dealing with a perfect storm of health challenges that included infertility, spinal osteoarthritis and back surgery a few years ago, I've faced a high volume of medical decisions.

Two medical decisions in the past decade come to mind as requiring a strong sense of self and authenticity, as they were both profoundly influential on my overall health and wellbeing.

After I was diagnosed with lymph edema, I was encouraged by a Stanford specialist to get off "the pill" after 15 years, though it could mean difficulties balancing my hormones due to PCOS and hypothyroidism. A few years later, I was faced with the decision to get off medication that was helping me with anxiety and depression, but was possibly negatively affecting my gut health, hormones and mental health.

When making both decisions, I tapped into a deep level of self-awareness cultivated through years of meditation and daily journaling.

Those practices, combined with a regular practice of checking my decisions against my values, helped me make medical choices that felt authentic and true to who I am. I have great faith in the power of holistic diet and lifestyle practices, and these were two areas where I knew it was time to challenge myself to practice what I preach - or at least give the holistic approach that has worked in every other area of my life (and my clients' lives) a chance.

Contributed by Liz O'Carroll. O'Carroll is a health coach, a writer, and the founder of Misfit Wellness.

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