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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I'm doing fine. Why do I need Buddy&Soul?

2. I already use other health and wellness apps. Why do I need you?

3. I'm too busy / stressed / young / old to change.

4. Can I just enjoy Buddy&Soul without being a member?

5. Is it free to sign up?

6. What’s the difference between a visitor and a basic member?

7. What is the difference between a basic member and a premium member?

8. How do I become a premium member?

9. Can I cancel my subscription?

10. What’s so special about Buddy&Soul courses?

11. How are course actions different from sessions?

12. Do I have to perform the actions?

13. What is “My Plan”?

14. What is a community plan?

15. What happens when I join a course?

16. What happens when I join a community?

17. How did I become enrolled in all these courses I never signed up for?

18. I joined the community in the middle of a course. What now?

19. I missed a practicing session. What now?

20. I had to leave a session in the middle. How do I complete it?

21. What happens if I don't complete a plan?

22. Do I get a certificate when I complete a course?

23. What happens if I don't complete a course?

24. Where can I see actions I've completed?

25. What is the difference between 'practice together' and 'practice on your own'?

26. What is the difference between an "open community" and a "gated community?"

27. Can other people see which communities I join and which courses I practice?

28. What is my Growth Factor?

29. What's my Growth Level?

30. Can I reset my score?

31. Who is Budd?

32. How do I maintain my privacy on Buddy&Soul?

33. How can I close my Buddy&Soul account?

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