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World Hub for Wellness & Personal Development

Buddy&Soul is a lifestyle-oriented platform for wellness and personal development, that aims to improve the way people deal with mental and emotional challenges - basically, with life. We integrate proven solutions, such as online courses, digital mentoring and supportive communities into a holistic, personalized system. An AI-based engagement system increases our effectiveness and continuous usage.

Our unique relationship with end-users can serve healthcare providers, coachers, digital health app developers, content sites, offline programs and more, boosting their effectiveness. Our system is adaptable and accessible, enabling us to reach users (ours and our partners’) and engage with them, based on selected goals. We operate in multiple segments, such as health, wellbeing, pregnancy, parenting and education and can easily expand to other segments, according to our partners’ needs.

Our offering – of personal development content, courses and interaction, is a unique way of repeatedly engaging with users/patients. Since the premium service comes with a price tag ($100 for an annual membership), consumers will appreciate sponsors who give them access to this valuable resource.

We welcome B2B2C / B2B2B2C partnerships including joint ventures with medical centers, pharmacy chains, life-style brands, corporates HR and soft skills training firms. We offer such entities premium access to our platform to support the wellness and personal development of their employees, clients, insurees, etc. On top of that we can tailor native-advertising campaigns within Buddy&Soul to enhance our clients’ specific goals as they relate to our realm.

A graduate of the IBM Alpha Zone accelerator, Buddy&Soul draws on the co-founders' vast industry experience in CureMyWay, a consultancy firm specializing in behavioral aspects of digital health and wellness, whose clients are pharmaceutical companies, advertising agencies, startups, and corporations. The company has a dream team of technology, design and content. It also builds on CEO Talya Miron- Shatz, PhD, academic expertise in medical consumer behavior research (Princeton University; Wharton Business School, U. Penn). Currently she holds an Associate Professor position in Israel’s Ono Academic and is a visiting Professor at the Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication at Cambridge U, UK. She is the recipient of a Marie Curie reintegration grant and many other pharma and government grants.

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